Services Offered

Identification and resolution of problems of the skin, hair, and nails including:

Abscess and Cysts

Atopic dermatitis


Drug hypersensitivity reactions
Fungal infection 
Skin Cancer Screening and Diagnosis, including Full Body Checks
Pediatric and Geriatric Dermatology
Tropical Diseases
Relief and solutions to Allergic Reactions 
Actinic Keratosis
Atopic and Sebborheic
(excessive sweating)



Laser hair removal using lightsheer diode

Candela vbeam laser for spider veins

Non surgical facelift using Maximus

Body contouring using maximus

Lasergenesis for skin rejuvenation

Accupulse Co2 laser for acne scars

Pixel laser skin resurfacing

Alex trivantage for Tattoos

Qswitched ndyag for pigmentation

Cutera for varicose veins

Laser for Onychomycosis

(fungal infection of nail)




Patch test

Skin Peeling

KOH for fungal infection



For Acne - 5 pc set

For Skin Rejuvenation - 8 pc set

For Whitening - 8 pc set




Dr. Riya’s Clinics


Dr. Riya’s Main Clinic is at Room 148, Hall A Main Building of the Makati Medical Center (MMC).

The MAKATI MEDICAL CENTER (MMC) was established by a group of dedicated medical professionals with a common vision to administer medical care of the highest order. Recently the Makati Medical Center was awarded the JCI Accreditation which is governed by the highest standards.

Among MMC’s centers of excellence is the MCF Dermatology Laser and Phototherapy Center.

This is the country's first hospital-based lasercenter which has a complete line-up of advanced laser equipment that can treat virtually most skin problems.

At the Dermatology Laser Center Dr. Riya can find solutions for:

Vitiligo&Acne scars Birthmarks Varicose Veins Aging skin Excessive hair Tattoo removal Unwanted fats/ cellulite

At the Laser Center Dr. Riya performs cosmetic treatments for:
Reduction or eradication of acne
Reduction and removal of unwanted hair
Reduction of scars, prominent pores, wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots and reddish marks, vascular and pigmented lesions
Body contouring and cellulite erasing
Skin resurfacing: improvement of skin tone and texture

The MCF Dermatology Laser Center is equipped with several of the latest laser machines namely the ff:

Lasergenesis for the treatment of wrinkles, large pores, skin texture and redness:
Cutera Pearl Fractional laser for photodamaged skin.
Harmony Pixel Laser:
for acne and scar treatment, designed to improve the skin's surface and texture, treat wrinkles, scars, superficial skin lesions and skin resurfacing
Polaris WR System: combines optical or laser energy and radio frequency for wrinkle treatment, skin tone improvement and acne scars

Lightsheer Diode Duet: is the gold standard in hair removal, penetrates deeply into skin without harm to surrounding areas, making it a safe and effective means of removing excess hair. Since it is more directed towards the hair follicle it is superior over the IPL which requires several repeat sessions.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Quantum SR
Extreme Clear: utilizes light energy to selectively clear acne lesions

Tenor RF - for skin tightening

Candela VBeam for vascular lesions, keloids and spider veins

Cavitalipo for fat reduction as an alternative to surgical liposuction

The Phototherapy Center houses the Daavlin Spectra:which is a sophisticated phototherapy unit which may be used for vitiligo, psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, atopic exzema among other indications.

Doctor Riya accepts the following healthcards in Makati Med: Medicard, Asianlife, Intellicare, MedAsia, Fortunecare, Philcare, HMI, Generali Pilipinas, East West, Cocolife and Valuecare.(Maxicare NOT accredited)

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175 Doña Soledad Avenue
Better Living Subdivision
Parañaque City

The hospital is an 8-level 100 Bed Capacity Tertiary Hospital located in Dona Soledad Ave, Bicutan, Paranaque.

Dr. Riya accepts the ff HMOs in this clinic:: Maxicare, Intellicare, HMI, Cocolife, Valuecare, Medicard, Caritas, Asianlife, Fortune care, Insular Health Care, Med Asia, East West Health Care, Time is Gold, Generali and Star Health Care.

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Patient First Medical Center was the first ambulatory health care center in Glorietta opened in 1994. Patient First has progressed to being a one-stop medical center. The clinic has a staff of highly-trained doctors with services that include diagnostic procedures, (X-ray, laboratory, ultrasound, etc.); medical services (physical exams, executive check-ups, emergency medicine, etc); and DERMATOLOGIC SERVICES, among others.

For Makati residents and office workers, Patient First Medical clinic is conveniently located at the 3rd Floor of the Glorietta 3 mall. Dr. Riya's hours here on
Wednesday are extended until 8 pm which makes this clinic accessible after office hours. On weekends she is conveniently there on Saturdays 1-4. Best time to come is Wednesday afternoon to beat the rush of after office hour patients and weekend patients..

At her Patient First Clinic Dr. Riya performs the following:
- Biopsies
- Skin surgery
- Identification and resolution of problems of the skin, hair, scalp, and nail including:
Abscess and Cysts
Psoriasis and Rosacea
Fungal/ Bacterial Eczema
Pediatric and Geriatric Dermatology
Wart removal
Acne treatments
Chemical Peel

Dr. Riya accepts the following HMOs in this clinic: Intellicare, Maxicare, Cocolife, Asian Life, Valuecare, East West,

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DR. RIYA DIMAGIBA'S CLINIC SCHEDULE Makati Medical Center,Room 148, Tower 12 Amorsolo St. Makati City
Mon-Sat except Wed:
9 -12
Tues & Thur 2-5
Secretary : Ef
09438 (DR RIYA) / 09438377492
 email at

Patient First Medical Center
3rd Flr. Mercury Drug Bldg. Glorietta 3
Ayala Center, Makati
Wednesday & Saturday 1-5pm
09438 (DR RIYA) / 09438377492

Procedures are scheduled/by appt

Paranaque Doctors Hospital
Rm. 427, 175 Dona Soledad Ave.
Better Living, Paranaque
Mon & Fri 1-3
Wed 10:30-12:30 by appt
Secretary: Tess
09438 (DR RIYA) / 09438377492

You may text/call Dr. Riya at 0943 (DR RIYA) 09438377492